​​Travel just got a whole lot swankier

Travel just got a whole lot swankier. It is touted as the “world’s first private helicopter.” The five-person cabin helicopter will get you through the air at 161 miles per hour.  Its creators claim it has a range of 806 miles. Looking for a DYI-project. Each client can build up to 51 percent of the […]

10 things (plus 1) lenders/lessors should know about aircraft finance in Aruba

Q1: What necessitates a lender or a lessor to opt for Aruba as an aircraft registry of choice? A1: Because Aruba has ratified the Cape Town Convention and the Aircraft Equipment Aircraft Protocol. As of September 1st, 2010, Aruba is one of the very few off-shore aircraft registries having adopted these instruments. Moreover, Aruba has […]

Some tips on the Cape Town Convention & Mobile Protocol

The Cape Town Convention (“CTC”) and the Mobile Protocol (“MP”) (collectively “Convention”) are 2 legal instruments that were created to facilitate the financing of aircraft and aircraft engines. These instruments only are applicable if there is financing of some sort involved including a lease arrangement. In the case of a straight out sale-purchase of an […]